Mihkel Kübar

+372 517 8169

Partner / Manager

Much like all Estonians, Mihkel discovered his love for music in a choir and while participating in the National Song and Dance Festival. During far removed periods of his life he has studied the block flute, the clarinet, and the guitar. When he discovered that he was not as good in singing and playing the instruments as he would like to be, he took a break from music.

Eventually Mihkel met Martin Ruus, who was man behind the idea of Intsikurmu Music Festival. Mihkel joined the Intsikurmu team in 2013 and since 2014 he has been the head organizer of the best fast-growing festival in Estonia – Intsikurmu Festival. Mihkel is always open to new ideas – for him there are no bad ideas, just opportunities. He loves to read, listen to music, and watch and play football.

Karin Vahar

+372 50 29 366

Booking Agent

Music is her life. She has a wide range of knowledge about different styles of music. She knows every venue in Estonia (big or small). You need one, you get one! She also loves travelling and has been living abroad in various places such as Australia, United States, Finland therefore has discovered a lot of new local music and festivals. But be careful, she doesn’t like bad music and arrogant people.

Uku Kübar

+372 5907 1606

Partner / Producer / Musician

Uku received his first Best Drummer award when he was 10 and almost invisible behind the set. Studying classical drums since he was 7, jumping in skate parks and listening to rap music in his early years, he has been active in several bands and projects throughout the past 18 years. His passion for music is obvious in live concerts and can be heard on different albums.

Besides working in Kaabu, he has a mission to pass on the knowledge and love for music as a teacher in Rapla Music School. He has been a member of the Intsikurmu Festival program team. With his knowledge about music from round the world, he is open to endless discussions about making music. Uku is a big fan of Scandinavian instrumental and alternative-pop music and his ultimate favorite is Jaga Jazzist. Beside music, he loves to skate and eat.

Madis Kübar

+372 529 1379

Partner / Finance

In Kaabu Madis is definitely the worst when it comes to singing, but the best in finance. A less known fact about him is that he has actually studied saxophone in the early years of his life. Before he committed himself to the Estonian politics, he was a basketball coach and a member in the production team that put up stages.

Madis is always ready to go when the project sounds interesting or challenging. He has been part of the Intsikurmu team since 2014 in different positions, loves to play basketball and travel.